"We are now taking walk up & online orders with a limited menu!!! 

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for current updates on our hours. 

Current hours are:  Everyday from 9am - 3pm

SQUIDLY'S is 100% Nonprofit.   All profit goes to help At Risk Children from being sold into Human Trafficking.

When you eat at SQUIDLY'S
you are making a difference in the life of a child!

Signature Dishes

Our Food Is Our Pride - We Offer a Variety of Locally Sourced Options -
Check Out Our Selections

 Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Soda & More 

 Bowls Blended with Seasonal Fruit & Acai

 Avocado Toast With Arugula & Tomatoes

 Sandwiches With Assorted Meats, Cheese...

Our Amazing Menu

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Listen To What Our Customers Say...

Denise M.

So happy to have this darling little place with VERY healthy choices. Just what the hood needs! Adds a touch of class! I can never decide whether to have sweet of savory. So my go to is the delicious Avocado toast and the Hollywood Bowl.

Jennifer F.

I just discovered this charming local coffee spot!  There is outdoor seating with an ocean view. The coffee is hands down the best in the beach communities. I plan to come back to try the food items next time as they offer fresh and healthy options that are vegan and gluten free.

Hear What Customers Like You Are Saying About Us:

Joe D.

 This is Joe:) He came back today:)
Best sandwich I’ve ever had!!!!!
Large portion and super tasty. Could eat it everyday. Will be back again.


 Our Vendors are
Farm to Table

Our Berryman Produce is locally sourced in Oxnard, Organic, pesticide free, sustainability, buying freshest local products from local farms.

Our Ocean Ranch Granola is locally sourced in Carpinteria. They only use natural, whole ingredients in small batches to lock in freshness and flavor.

Our Blue Ridge Honey is locally sourced  in Ojai. Always pure, always raw, always unfiltered. 100% California Honey.

Tammy & Michael Morrell 

My husband and I believe that turning our coffee shop into a 100% nonprofit will bring hope to children by coming along side organizations that are also helping fight for at risk and trafficked children. When our customers visit our coffee shop, they are making a difference in the life of a child! 

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Enjoy, Savor & Share with Us!

Palm & Boy Coffee & Acai Bowls, Hollywood Beach location is now called SQUIDLY'S because we turned 100% Nonprofit.

Same delicious menu plus
a few new items.

Squidly's Hours

Monday           9AM-3PM
 Tuesday            9AM-3PM

Wednesday     9AM-3PM

Thursday         9AM-3PM

Friday               9AM-3PM

Saturday          9AM-3PM  

Sunday             9AM-3PM

"Foster Teens"
Teen Reach Adventure Camps
Send foster teens to summer camp $300.00 per child
(Age 13 to 15)
"Trafficked Kids"
Children's homes for trafficked kids. 
Build a Barn for rescued girls from
​​​​​​​Human Trafficking

America’s Human Trafficking Problem

The trafficking of American women and children is a growing epidemic, and it’s happening in our neighborhoods.

Dollar-for-Dollar human trafficking in America is far worse than it is overseas. It is a market that is growing exponentially, putting $975 million in the pockets of human traffickers every year.

In 2018, almost a third of domestic human trafficking cases reported in the United States were minors.

In the US, human trafficking has been reported in all 50 states.

Of the 13 high-intensity areas identified by the FBI for child sex trafficking, three are located in California: Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego metropolitan areas.

No other time in history has there been more people enslaved than there are now. According to the California Child Welfare Council, thousands of children are coerced into providing sex for hire every day, right here in our own nation.

NCMEC report shows – 88% of missing sex trafficked kids come from US foster care. 

We cannot stay silent while the unspeakable horror of human trafficking takes place all around us. It is our calling to help those who cannot help themselves.

Please join us in this fight to show these kids that they are truly loved. To watch a video about America's human trafficking problem CLICK HERE.


We have 2 community projects for 2020…

Send foster kids to summer camp for life a changing experience ($300 per Child).

Build a 6 Stall Barn with Horses for trafficked kids in a nearby Safe House. ​​​​​​​

Together we can keep our children safe from human traffickers! We can’t do this without YOU!

Donate NOW

To donate please make checks out to You Are Truly Loved 501(c)3 and send to Squidly's, 2929 Ocean Drive, Oxnard CA 93035 or
go to: https://squareup.com/store/squidlys
Call or email Tammy if you have any questions: tammy.squidlys@gmail.com or 805.834.3050

​SQUIDLY'S Coffee, Sandwiches and Acai Bowls, formerly called Palm & Boy Coffee and Acai in Hollywood Beach is now
100% nonprofit to fight against human trafficking.

Palm & Boy Coffee and Acai is a coffee shop founded by Cammy Garman almost 3 yrs ago to serve the people of Ventura, CA the best coffee and related coffee drinks. A second location in Hollywood Beach was opened by the founder's dad & mom, Michael and Tammy Morrell about 19 months ago to address the increasing demand for the business' services. However, the Hollywood Beach location has just changed its name to SQUIDLY'S Coffee, Sandwiches and Acai Bowls so that it could become 100% nonprofit after coming to the realization that more needed to be done to fight human trafficking.

The unfortunate phenomenon of human trafficking seems to have remained a scourge that requires the attention of everyone. According to the U.S. Department of State, there is an estimated 20.9 million victims of human trafficking, and the international Labour Organization states that children are estimated to be about 5.5 million of the victims. It is in this plight that the owners of the Hollywood Beach location have decided to take the bulls by the horns after. Owner, Tammy Morrell worked for a nonprofit called ZOE Children's Homes, who rescues children from human trafficking or other heinous crimes for 5 yrs. Tammy and her husband fostered 8 kids in a 10 month period. She recently volunteered as a camp counselor for a Foster Kids Camp called T.R.A.C. (Teen Reach Adventure Camp). The camp had room for more but there were not enough funds for more kids. The realization sparked a curiosity in Tammy Morrell and led to the eventual birth of "SQUIDLY'S" nonprofit & "You Are Truly Loved" nonprofit 501(C)3, for fighting child trafficking. Setting up the nonprofit seemed like the only sensible decision.

Tammy Morrell is looking to put her 5 years experience of working for ZOE Children's Homes, as a special events coordinator into good use for bringing awareness to this horrific abuse. Every 2.5 hours, a child is taken by traffickers. She says "We cannot be silent any longer!!! Together we can change the world".

Squidly's is actually unique as it offers a fun, bright location that allows the whole family to use their "little" resources to help the needy. Squidly's Coffee, Sandwiches and Acai Bowls serves amazing, fresh, local, and beautifully-made foods as well as espresso drinks. The location also has a fantastic, beautiful ocean view for lovers of nature. It will be an amazing experience of eating great meals for a purpose and making a difference in the life of a child. There will also be lots of fun merchandise that will impact the kids.
Squidly's aims to make a difference in the life of a child, letting at risk children know that They Are Truly Loved!!! We want them to know that good people are out in the world fighting for them!!

For more information about Squidly's and the services offered, please visit - www.squidlyshollywoodbeach.com
Media Contact Company Name: Squidly's Coffee, Sandwiches and Acai Bowls Contact Person: Tammy Morrell Email: tammy.squidlys@gmail.com Phone: 661-645-5603 Country: United States Website: http://www.squidlyshollywoodbeach.com/

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